Media Processing & Streaming

Network data transfer is skyrocketing, posing tough challenges for media servers. Social media, the rise in the number of mobile devices as well as user expectations for rich video content and enhanced user experiences are causing video to raise workload density and throughput of media servers.

Operators and service providers are required to answer needs for power, bandwidth, growth potential, standard compliance, quality and cost – and a wide variety of services. They must deal with streaming of digital content, data and media in real time. Streaming digital media types include uncompressed video, compressed digital video and digital audio. Advanced embedded systems are required to encode and stream this advanced content.

These efforts and advanced devices are required to support today's end user services, such as Digital and IPTV, broadcast over multiple platforms such as tablets and smartphones, home entertainment provided by Set-Top Boxes and Wireless HD and more.

Invaya Media Processing Solutions

Invaya creates Media Processing solutions that enable operators to speedily provide exciting voice and video services at competitive costs. With its expertise in video processing, IP video & broadcast as well as video encoders/decoders, Invaya creates power saving, dense, scalable media processing solutions.

Invaya creates advanced Media gateways, professional carrier grade solutions for video compression and streaming, delivering exceptional video quality at various capacities. These devices offer modularity and redundancy, as well as advanced capabilities like secondary stream generation for remote users.

Invaya has extensive experience with Broadband edge QAMs (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) delivering broadcast, SDV, IP, video and advanced applications over IP. QAMs provide cable operators with excellent RF performance at low costs.

Additionally, Invaya develops solutions with high media processing power supporting HD video uplinks over cellular networks or resilient broadcast quality video uplinks.


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