Technology Services Offering

Invaya offers its clients a solid professional shoulder to rely on. As a one-stop-shop for technological enterprises, Invaya provides a full array of interlaced technological and business services in flexible formats for the client's convenience.


Along with its varied technological expertise, Invaya also offers various business-oriented services, such as project management, product management and consulting. At the heart of all these services lies a staunch client-centric approach which turns clients into partners.



Engineering and R&D Services


  • Software Development - Invaya is committed to innovation, and continuously strives to integrate the latest technologies into high-quality software products.
  • Hardware Development – Invaya has wide-ranging experience in developing hardware-based products for global markets and for mass production, meeting stringent quality standards.
  • System Design & Architecture – Invaya's system-based approach, integrating marketing, application and technical angles, results in professional & scalable platforms.
  • Testing & Quality Assurance – Invaya's no-compromise, rigorous testing processes allow for flawless operation and end-client satisfaction.
  • System Integration – Invaya can handle complex integration missions, consolidating a variety of components into a single effective system.

Business and Consulting Services


  • Product Management – Complementing our engineering services, Project Management provides the client with a comprehensive product/market based approach, to guarantee a timely launch of a commercially successful product.
  • Project Management – Invaya provides the skillful planning and monitoring required for a successful and timely completion of the client's project.

Models of Service


  • Projects & Custom Development – Invaya provides quality on-demand engineering services to help clients upgrade their performance and speed up their development cycle.
  • Dedicated Team – Invaya assigns specially formulated teams to client projects in a format designed for smooth integration with the client's staff.
  • Team Extension – Invaya provides a fully dedicated, highly productive team to enhance client teams.
  • On-Demand Engineering – Invaya maintains a circle of expert engineers and advisors specializing in a wide variety of areas to provide on-the-spot solutions at various scopes of work.

Communication Technology

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Invaya leverages its in-depth expertise in communication to help its partners ...


Software Development

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Invaya knows software. Invaya harnesses its diverse industry know-how to create ...


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