Semiconductors are positioned at the heart of current day electronics, from radio and telephones to computers, having had a great influence on modern technology.

Fast-developing knowledge and the emergence of innovative consumer electronics - smartphones and tablets - have significantly enhanced the complexity and speed of semiconductor based devices. The industry is fast moving to the next generation of semiconductors, toward more compact, fast, smart and functional chips, streamlining the transition to 3D structures.

Hardware development entails large-scale financial outlays, compliance with demanding regulation and intricate supply chains. An experienced trustworthy partner is vital in this area. Invaya is a stragetic partner in the semiconductor field, helping its customers create advanced seminconductor based products using its in-depth know-how in digital design and verification, operation efficiency, engineering, design, conceptualization testing and manufacturing.

Invaya cooperates with chip manufacturers to produce 100% quality, low-cost, on-time products. The company provides its customers with a variety of services, including chip benchmarking, upgrades, operating systems and product lifecycle management support. Invaya performs rigorous testing and upholds stringent QA processes in order to comply with relevant international regulation, and harnesses its comprehensive product-based approach for maximizing cost-reduction.

Invaya can handle a single aspect or the full development cycle, from chip design to verification and support.

Product Management

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Product management is a vital role within technological enteprises. It's a matrix ...


Hardware Design & Verification

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Invaya has wide-ranging experience in developing hardware-based products ...