Product Management

Product Management is a vital role within technological enterprises. It's a matrix between all core functionalities, the central junction of the company. Today's market, which requires companies to be more efficient and keep costs down, makes PM an especially valuable asset.

Product Managers are the owners of the product, and their job is to steer it toward commercial success. The Product Manager ensures that all activities are perfectly coordinated, promoting efficiency, timeliness, teamwork - and a winning outcome.

Product Management (PM) must consider a variety of factors and integrate them – market trends, pricing and costs, time to market, demand, future evolution, regulation, versions and more. PM, then, covers several aspects: marketing, strategy and technology; and therefore requires a business orientation, a strong technical background, a good understanding of the market.

Invaya offers a flexible product management solution which is tailored to corporate needs and budgets. Invaya provides experts who have what it takes to perform this demanding role. Invaya's PM service can provide an excellent yet affordable solution for companies which do not have a suitable response for this position internally, or until the company decides to employ a full-time PM (and actually recruits one). Invaya's PM service keeps the product on track toward completion and maximizes team efficiency. Moreover, sometimes an expert coming from the outside, with a clear perspective, finds it easier to manage a process or drive a change.

Invaya's product manager can, upon need, function as a project manager, handling scheduling, meetings, reporting and risk analysis.

PM Benefits for small companies:

  • Cost effective, controlled budget solution
  • Ready-to-use relevant specialized skills which can drive product success

PM Benefits for large companies:

  • Skills can complement existing staff or fill in for a missing function in the company
  • Supplementary work force
  • Can handle specific tasks, importing expertise in a strategic area for organization


Invaya's PM Service can include:

  • Inbound product management: Sync all product activities, such as requirements, development, QA, certification and safety, documentation, support and service.
  • Competitive/market analysis
  • Pricing reviews
  • Writing PRDs
  • Quality checks with customers
  • Define product life cycle
  • Working with engineering teams on features requirements
  • Leading and guiding technical documentation projects

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