Internet of Things

We are facing a new era in global technology – era of data and analytics. Software and hardware solutions were always around us, but now it seems like it all was just a preparation to this new time of big data. In our ever-more connected world, faster broadband connections and connectivity technologies matured to a level of which mass data can be collected and processed.

Commercial 5G networks are live across the world. Communication giants made it possible - setting the requirements, driving the standardization, developing their portfolio and building the eco-system – all to enable high-quality mobile connection.

5G it a true game changer. It improves network connection dramatically, getting a faster, more stable, more secure connection – along with new services and experiences. 5G is enabling a new wave of innovation, further powering the hottest trends in tech today: IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence) – among many more.

Data analytics is now potential game-changer for enterprises. IoT sensors, embedded SoC and platforms, all are combined technology solutions towards making everyday objects smart. Intelligent processing allows businesses to accelerate their research to develop better innovation and solutions.

Experts predict that there will be trillions of things communicating and collecting data in less than 10 years. Connectivity is in the heart of Invaya experience – we sum the best of our knowledge and experience to participate in this exciting time of technology innovation and evolution.

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