Curiosity Drives Innovation

Invaya MIND gets entrepreneurs on the highway to turning their vision into a successful company launch.

Invaya MIND offers true value to entrepreneurs, providing them with access to its diverse experience, professional wisdom, connections and resources.

Our role is to help you successfully launch your product. We will hold your hand starting from the pre-seed phase and show you how to build your product through an effective and professional process.

Success in the real world sometimes requires fine-turning and adaptation. We can help you identify and implement the necessary adjustments.

Of course, we will also guide you toward the right people and financial channels for your product. We will utilize our long-standing connections in the relevant industry and form beneficial liaisons for you.

Invaya's in-house engineering resources can also be harnessed to transform the concept into a prototype . This can greatly benefit entrepreneurs, enabling them to approach Venture Capital firms and seek funding with a completed prototype in hand – an advantageous financial stance. Invaya's wide-ranging expertise can suit virtually any startup product, including both software and hardware, in industries such as mobile, wireless, consumer solutions and more.

Invaya MIND includes an advisory board combining technology and business perspectives to ensure you choose the right moves in each area.

Invaya MIND program is tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs, providing:

  • Product Analysis and validation- evaluating innovation, potential and feasibility
  • Business model – based on market opportunity and competitive advantages
  • Guidance – an advisory board of technology and business leaders will provide mentoring and advice.
  • Capital – providing access to the right kind of funding for you.

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