Hardware Design & Verification

The increasing complexity of embedded products has made hardware engineering a challenging journey – one that Invaya has undertaken and successfully completed many times.

Invaya has an in-depth understanding of system & hardware architecture design. We understand that a successful architecture is the key to a winning product. We fuse a variety of considerations relating to cost, customer requirements, functionality, footprint, and industry specific guidelines, into a single winning solution.

At each point of the engineering process, we listen closely to our customers, in order to accurately translate their vision into commercial realities. We enjoy building next generation products, and helping our customers launch new experiences.

Invaya can handle all the stages of the product birth, from concept to production, including:


  • Planning - Requirement consolidation, technology selection, architecture evaluation and definition.
  • Delivery - Management, hardware design, mechanical design, development, quality assurance, validation and verification.


However, Invaya adjusts its work mode according to customer convenience: we can participate in the development process throughout selected stages only, or carry the entire process through.

Invaya offers high-quality hardware engineering services, including:


  • Hands-on hardware development and design
  • Complete Concept-to-Production services, or On-Demand services
  • Professional testing, offering wide test coverage and solid compliance
  • Consulting – a circle of expert engineers and advisors at the customer's service



In-depth experience with advanced
networking solutions


Carrier Ethernet switching appliances

System design and hands-on development of Carrier Ethernet switching appliances delivering intelligent services, always-available Internet access, with a high-resiliency design and reliable operation.

Access Backhaul Solutions

Innovative cost-effective, maximum capacity products which are built to handle the soaring capacity of networks evolving toward 4G, the growing traffic and services range.

Media Gateways

IP-based carrier grade Media Gateways enabling advanced video services and mobile streaming. These solutions feature a high capacity, supporting services like IPTV and Over the Top (OTT Web Streaming).

Broadband Edge QAM

Dense, resilient, scalable platforms for cost-effective delivery of broadcast, SDV, IP Video, VOD and other advanced applications.



Hardware areas of expertise


Wide technical experience in the development and implementation of 10 Gbps and Gigabit interfaces, high-speed SERDES links, DDR2 and DDR3 memory, PCI, PCIe, E1/T1 interfaces, ATCA/MicroTCA platforms, RapidIO Interconnect Architecture, and more.


  • System & hardware architecture design
  • High-speed digital design
  • Board design
  • FPGA/VLSI development & verification
  • Hardware testing and validation
  • System integration


Communication Technology

Communication right

Invaya leverages its in-depth expertise in communication to help its partners ...


Media Streaming

Media right

Invaya creates advanced media processing devices that support the top network rates ...


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