Consumer Solutions

The consumer solutions market is characterized by accelerating connectivity, quicksilver technology, convergence of functionalities and products, as well as downward-trickling prices shaped by developments in the semiconductor industry and the offshoring of production activities.

At the heart of the consumer solutions market lays the electronic equipment used in entertainment, communications, medical and office solutions. Products such as PCs, phones, video and audio players, TVs, GPS, camera and more are now reliant on digital technology. A prominent department in this market is digital entertainment, which dominates the lives of consumers, who have come to expect any service, anytime and over any type of device.


Invaya Consumer Solutions

Invaya develops advanced integrated hardware and software solutions, delivering next generation performance while saving on costs and energy. Invaya's devices provide glittering visual complemented by flawless audio, unsurpassed data rates, staunch reliability and convenient user interfaces. Our solutions support SD and HD graphics for interactive TVs, cable and Set Top boxes, VOD streaming and multimedia over IP, hybrid IPTV, touch screens and more.

Some of the products we develop include smartphones, home/digital entertainment, medical devices, and gaming appliances. Another area of our expertise is medical devices, such as wireless remote diagnostic systems comprising medical monitors, videophones, smartphones and interactive websites.

Our expertise in UI and UX enables our products to offer plug-and-play functionality for cutting edge user experiences, as well as all-around connectivity, from mobile to landline, wireless, satellite and Internet.

We bring a comprehensive, product-based approach and business view to the devices we develop, ensuring that all aspects of the product fit together perfectly to create an engineering harmony, and are commercially compatible with market requirements. We harness our diverse know-how in various technology fields - communication, integrated hardware/software solutions, VLSI, mechanical – to bring value to all our products.

Moreover, the Invaya MIND program, which provides a hothouse for technology entrepreneurs and transforms their concept into a successful product, has made us deeply familiar with the entire cycle of product development.

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