Communication Technology

Today's fast-pace communications market is evolving in directions that are completely revising the face of this market.

Voice revenues have long been on the decline, while exciting new user experiences are on the rise. Trends like Cloud computing are fast becoming the standard: Cloud is expected to become the popular approach to IT services, and the personal cloud will be the ultimate place for storing individual content, receiving services and managing all aspects of life. The Internet of things (IoT) concept, in which consumer devices are connected to the network, is fast becoming a reality. Streaming video and music, the rise of social media and advanced web apps have caused the web to evolve to a multimedia giant.


Hot new trends mean a lot more bandwidth for service providers to cope with. To meet these needs, Invaya builds solutions supporting provide high density Gigabit Ethernet. Invaya helps its customers support more exciting bandwidth hungry user experiences, while streamlining their work modes and implementing cost reduction to survive the intense competition and attain a winning position.

Invaya's Offerings

Invaya helps enterprises achieve technological leadership, assisting its customers in migrating to new technologies such as SD-WAN, 5G and Edge Computing.

Invaya assists its customers in providing a unique portfolio integrating technologies which were once separate entities – wireline, wireless, and satellite - also creating advanced packet processors which enable provisioning of enhanced capabilities.

Invaya builds scalable carrier Ethernet solutions, perfect for integrated new technologies and rapidly changing needs. They enable the operator to change bandwidth levels, add sites, consolidate traffic into a single network and upgrade security levels - all without spending huge amounts of money.

Invaya helps Service Providers & Carriers develop mission-critical network solutions, and adhere to service level agreements, requiring innovative technologies and exceptionally high availability and resiliency.


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