About Invaya Technologies

Invaya is a leading global provider of technology services & solutions for enterprises. The company offers its worldwide customers a selection of services, including team extension, outsourced projects, consulting and project management.


Invaya's wide-ranging expertise spans both software and hardware. With its product-based approach, Invaya is capable of handling all project aspects, from concept to design, production and delivery. Work modes are styled according to customer needs, in cooperation with the customer's team and management.

Invaya is committed to technological innovation, and continually examines and embraces new technologies as they emerge. The company employs top experts and consultants, and flexibly provides them on demand, to instantly ramp up customers' knowledgebase and improve their Time to Market.

Invaya places high value on customer relationships, acting as a business and technology partner of the customer throughout each project. Invaya maintains continuous involvement with its team members, thus ensuring the highest level of quality. Bringing the utmost reliability to every project, Invaya helps its customers reach their objectives effectively, quickly, and professionally.

Enterprise Technology Solutions

Invaya's global channel is dedicated to distribution of advanced technologies to enterprises. Emerging technology companies embrace distribution and channel partnerships, locating distributors at the center of today's global value chain. As a business partner, we believe in building strong relationships that deliver value.

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Software Development

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Invaya knows software. Invaya harnesses its diverse industry know-how to create ...


Hardware Design & Verification

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Invaya has wide-ranging experience in developing hardware-based products ...


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